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Tribest Blender 200

With its Blend-N-Serve cups, the Tribest Personal Blender is the portable ice-crushing, smoothie making, coffee grinding powerhouse for people on the go

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Tribest Blender 200

Powerful 200-watt motor crushes ice, blends frozen fruit, and grinds coffee in a snap.

Key Features of the Tribest Blender 200

The Personal Blender from Tribest Corp, a leading designer of high-quality small appliances for healthy lifestyles, is an amazing, all-in-one, durable, and ultra-powerful blender that allows you to make blended smoothies, protein drinks and other scrumptious delights without the hassle of having to stop and clean a bulky blending container every time you switch recipes.

Additional Features

Product Description

The Personal Blender allows you to blend multiple recipes without having to stop and clean a bulky blending jar every time you switch recipes. Just add your ingredients in one of its single-serving cups, blend, and serve. You drink right out of the Blend-N-Serve cup, so there's no extra mess to clean up, and no cumbersome jar to wash.

The Tribest Personal Blender 200 is a compact blender set, with a base unit, a screw-on blending blade, two large 16 oz. Blend-N-Serve cups with lids. The Blend-N-Serve cups and the detachable blending blade assembly are all easy to clean. The Tribest Personal Blender features a powerful 200-watt motor that crushes ice, blends frozen fruits, and grinds coffee in a snap. It is perfect for home or for the office. The blender comes with the new S-Blending Blade Assembly already installed, so upgrading the Personal Blender for use with glass mason jars with the new mason jar attachment is quick and easy.